Team Turbulence

Don’t be a third rate duelist with a fourth rate deck!

Are you a new player, casual player, or a returning player? Whether you are in an area where you don’t have many duelists around you to play the game with or just are just looking for the comradery of other similarly skilled, fun-loving duelists in an open, drama free environment, then this may be the place for you.

Signing up to join Team Lionheart will afford you many benefits no matter what level of the team you’re on or level of duelist you are while developing/sharpening your competitive skills.

Developmental Level

COMMUNICATION: Among joining the team you will be added into our team group chat to communicate, grow, and learn more skills & techniques to enhance your game and take it to the next level

COACHING: In addition to communicating with others at the developmental level, others on the core team are available regularly for one-on-one style coaching to further help sharpen your dueling skills.

DISCOUNTS: New discounts are now available to all team members to regularly take advantage of, no matter what your level is, though the higher up you go the better the rewards will be. At the developmental level you will regularly enjoy a 5% discount on all items sold on any of our platforms, including but not limited to our website and physical retail locations.

TOURNAMENTS: In addition to our general discounts, all pro-team members will receive a $5 discount to any Bemani Lounge hosted tournament events, whether online or IRL, joining Bemani Lounge tournaments will amount to lots of savings!

MONTHLY CORE TEAM TRIALS TOURNAMENTS: Lastly, at the developmental level you are able to participate in the teams free, monthly tournament in which the winner, if at the developmental level, gains an opportunity to join the core level of the team!

Core Level

Upon making it through the developmental level, duelists will no longer be required to pay monthly fees and have an opportunity to learn how to become leaders in the team and in the greater community. That being said, there are several rewards that are available for core team members to receive:

  • Team Gear
  • Sponsorships
  • Rewards for premiere tournament tops
  • Discounts for event travels to premiere events
  • Additional incentives to be announced periodically
Level Price  
Team Turbulence - Monthly $9.99 per Month. Customers in NJ will be charged 6.63% tax. Select
Team Turbulence - Annually $84.00 per Year. Customers in NJ will be charged 6.63% tax. Select
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